How The H-Bridge Motor Driver Works



Have you ever tested how to make a motor spin different directions? There is a special type of circuit called H-Bridge. H-Bridge means you can change the direction the motor is spinning.

How It Works

H-Bridge motor driver works with transistors. A transistor is like a switch that can turn on and off. To make the motor run, turn off two transistors on the top left and the bottom right. That way, the motor would run. You can also make the motor spin in the other way by turning on the other  two transistors and turn off the other two. Then the motor will spin the other way. Another way is you can switch the wires around and the motor would spin the other direction. 

If all the transistors are on, it can short out the battery, because the electricity is not flowing to the motor. Also, when you turn on the two transistors on the side, it will short out the battery. Either direction will be the same. Because there is no electricity going through the motor. 


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